How Will I Receive My Kit(s) After Purchase?

Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out.

Please check your email inbox for links, as well as Spam folders.

Are Your Kits Royalty Free?

By purchasing our MIDI and loop kits you must agree to these terms.

  • All beat sales, both leases and exclusives, through any service such as Beatstars or Traktrain is allowed completely without attribution or permission needed.
  • Any major placements with major artists or label using our MIDI files or loops must be cleared by us, and the creator is entitled to a royalty from that placement.
  • Keep in mind that modifying files (such as using an FX plugin to change the sound of the file) does not make it your own.

Our drum kit sounds, and expansion packs are all royalty-free, and do not need any attribution what so ever even if placed with a major artist. For most online beat producers, you won’t have to worry about any of this information and can continue to upload your beats and sell them online without any worries, it’s only when you seek to profit from a major placement that these terms should concern you.

If you have any questions please contact us.

What Is The Refund Policy?

We do not provide refunds or trades unless you match one of the following criteria:

  • You were double charged during the payment process
  • You purchased more than one of the same kit

If you have met the above mentioned criteria, please email us here. You will not receive a refund until we can confirm your case. If you have any other issues, like downloading your kits, please email us here or get help on twitter @wavninja

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

As of right now we are only accepting payments through Paypal. In the future we will accept all forms of payments such as credit/debit cards.

What If I Don’t Receive My Order?

If for some reason a technical error occurs and you do not receive your kit after your purchase, contact support@wavninja.com with proof of purchase, Order #, and kits missing.